With the aim of being the axis of the development of producers and their families and, at the same time, ensuring daily milk supply to the population, on June 1, 1936, we became the National Cooperative of Milk Producers (CO.NA.PRO.LE).

We were founded in a historical moment of milk production in Uruguay. We were the solution to that moment's reality, to ensure the production of quality dairy products for the population of Uruguay, and as time went by, we became the dairy project that brings together the passion and knowledge of thousands of collaborators.

After over 80 years, Conaprole is the country's flagship company; the largest private company in Uruguay. In the last 30 years, we have become a global player of dairy ingredients in Latin America, reaching over 60 countries with our products. Undoubtedly, today, we are much more than a brand, we are part of the Uruguayan idiosyncrasy.