Mission, Vision and Values

Why do we exist?

The mission of Conaprole is to collect, process and commercialize all the milk produced by our cooperative with the highest levels of efficiency, in order to maximize the value of the milk in short, médium and long term, with the lowest posible risk levels. Within the framework of a sustainable model we are commited to improve the income of our producers and their quality of life.


How do we want to work?

  • Integrity and ethics
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation and results management
  • Excellence quality and proactivity
  • Professional business referents

Where do we go?


Being a relevant exporter of high-value ingredients and mixtures with quality standards, expertise and world class technology.

Continue growing in the commercialization of cheese in the world, to improve the value of the milk to the producer over ingredients.

Being one of the most competitive companies in the region to supply direct consumption businesses.

Consolidate the change towards the Conaprole Culture with the best team. Remain being the leading company in the country.