• Appearance: Uniform yellowish-white colour, rindless.
  • Consistency: Semi hard, elastic.
  • Texture: Compact, smooth, no graininess.
  • Flavour: Lactic, soft, slightly salty.
  • Aroma: Characteristic, slightly accentuated.

Danbo Cheese

Conaprole Danbo is a washed curd, ripened cheese. Starter lactic acid bacteria are added to milk, which is previously standardised and pasteurized. Then, calcium chloride and chymosin are added for milk to coagulate. Once the coagulum is formed, it undergoes cutting, stirring, heating, partial draining, and hot water is added into the cheese vat. After whey drainage, molding and pressing result in cheese blocks which are salted, and surface dried. Finally, the blocks are vacuum packaged and stored for ripening.