Особенности продукта
  • Aspect: Yellowish to light brown colour. Solid at room temperature (25°C), with not a smooth aspect. Above the melting range the material is liquid, with a smooth and shiny aspect.
  • Flavour and odour: Characteristic, greasy, free from rancid or oxidized flavours.

Anhydrous Milk Fat

Conaprole anhydrous milk fat is made from preheated milk cream or melted butter, which is concentrated by centrifugation with combined action of temperature and vacuum, until a product with a minimum of 99.8% of fat is obtained. Finally it is packaged in metallic drums.


It has a wide range of applications as an ingredient in processed cheeses, dairy products, sauces and bakery products. Widely used in the industry and gastronomical services for frying and roasting.